City of Athens, TX
Streets Foreman
City of Athens, TX
City of Athens, Texas
508 E Tyler Street
75751 Athens , TX
Job Description: 
Performs a variety of duties associated with maintenance, repair, and construction of streets, driveways, sidewalks, drainage ditches and City right-of-ways; coordinates assigned activities with other departments and outside agencies; and provides support to an appropriate Superintendent and other upper level staff. 
Responsibilities Include: 

Duties associated with maintenance repair and construction of streets, driveways, sidewalks, drainage ditches and city right-of-ways – patch asphalt. Installation and repair of street signs.  Clean ditch lines by digging and clear obstructions and debris in drainage ditches.   • Operates construction and maintenance equipment such as trucks, backhoes, and rollers for a variety of construction and maintenance operations involving streets, sidewalks, curbs, gutters, driveways, ditches and right-of-ways.   • Use concrete cutting and breaking equipment; operate jackhammer; pour and finish concrete; construct concrete forms and perform rough carpentry work.   • Conducts safety inspections of vehicles and equipment, set up traffic safety devices such as cones, signs, and barricades as necessary. Redirect traffic as needed. Wear protective and safety gear as indicated for the work assigned.   • Performs assigned lead/supervisory duties, including receiving work schedules from the Superintendent; assigns job tasks on projects to subordinate employees, provides input regarding employee performance; provides employee training in the performance of job duties.   • Prepares, gathers and transports tools, materials, supplies and equipment necessary to complete work assignments.   • Cleans and repairs work site upon completion of construction including laying grass, replanting trees, and repairing damaged surfaces.   • Investigate and respond to citizen complaints and inquiries regarding the maintenance of streets and drainage areas.  • The ability to follow a supervisor’s instructions, tolerate certain levels of stress and attend work on a punctual, regular basis.   • The ability to follow a supervisor’s instructions, tolerate certain levels of stress and attend work on a punctual, regular basis.   • Ability to work independently.   • Assist crew members to complete work orders in a safe and timely manner.    • May be required to work on a twenty-four (24) hour stand-by on call basis.    • Performs other duties as assigned 


Equivalent to a High School diploma or GED. Five (5) years’ experience in maintenance/construction or equivalent experience. Any similar combination of education and experience

Special Skills/Abilities/Knowledge: 
Thorough knowledge of regulations, policies and procedures that apply to streets and drainage operations.  • Knowledge of principles and practices of supervision and training.  • Establish and maintain an effective and respectful work relationship with City officials, city staff, vendors and the general public.  • Demonstrate excellent public relations and customer service skills.  • Convey a positive professional image by action, communication and appearance.  • Able to perform multiple tasks efficiently and applies knowledge of procedures to fulfill essential job duties.  • Capably use computers and Microsoft Office.  • Exhibit regular, reliable and punctual attendance which is an essential function of this job.     • Basic mathematical skills.  • Safety standards applicable to maintenance tasks performed in the department.  • Basic knowledge and familiarity in automotive/mechanical repair.  • Ability to operate tools and equipment.  • Knowledgeable of pertinent Federal, State and local laws, codes and regulations; knowledgeable of city procedures and policies.  • Communicate clearly and concisely, both orally and in writing.  Operate vehicles and equipment relevant to assigned operations. 
Work Environment: 
Field environment; some indoor environments; exposure to extremes in weather conditions; exposure to vibrations, and noise; work on slippery or uneven surfaces; work with and around heavy machinery, in or near vehicle traffic; exposure to dust and fumes from operating motorized equipment; possible exposure to toxic chemicals.