Sherri Skeeters

May 31, 2017

​AEDC awards MED-LOGICS $35,000
Incentive program equips companies for success

ATHENS, TX: Members of the Athens Economic Development Corporation's Board of Directors, Maurice Cox and John Trent, along with AEDC's Executive Director Lisa Denton presented Rod and Betty Ross of MED-LOGICS, Inc. with an operations incentive check of $35,000 on Tuesday, May 30.

"AEDC'S incentive program allowed us to hire and train quality employees," said Rod Ross, MED-LOGICS Chief Executive Officer. "Training is an expensive process that is crucial to ensure our employees are appropriately trained. With the new CataPulse lens removal system, we will be hiring more employees this year," Ross said.

"Per the Performance Agreement with MED-LOGICS, AEDC will pay three payments of $35,000 over a three-year period, as part of the operations incentive package, Lisa Denton, AEDC's Executive Director said. "To quality for this payment, MED-LOGICS must employ a minimum of 15 employees in Athens. Each year the company qualifies, it will receive the payment. This is the final payment of the operations incentive MED-LOGICS will receive based on the agreement," Denton said.

MED-LOGICS, Inc. was founded in 1992 with a focus on providing surgeons with the tools needed to optimize their ophthalmic surgical patient outcomes. The company has been instrumental to revolutionize the fields of LASIK, DSAEK and Cataract surgery.

Since relocating the company from California, MED-LOGICS has been operating in Athens' Industrial Park since November, 2013 and currently employs 20 employees. The Rosses start their employees out at a competitive hourly rate, and employees participate in a monthly bonus program tied to productivity and quality control. "We want our employees to take what they learn and move forward with it," Ross said. "There's room to move up and grow here."

Athens EDC is proud of MED-LOGICS success and numerous accomplishments in the industry and look forward to a strong partnership for years to come.