Sherri Skeeters


AEDC provides incentive package for multimillion dollar expansion projects

ATHENS, TX: Athens City Council approved AEDC’s incentive package, up to $100,000, for HVAC Manufacturing’s two expansion projects during Tuesday night’s Special Session.

This summer, Siemens, a multibillion-dollar company and global powerhouse, named HVAC Manufacturing their 2017 Supplier of the Year.

The award has opened up opportunities with other divisions of Siemens and allowed HVAC Manufacturing to diversify into other industries outside of heating and air conditioning since relocating to Athens from California last year.

“HVAC’s expansion would have never come to fruition without the move to Athens,” said John Karamanos, HVAC Manufacturing’s Strategic Accounts and Research and Development Executive.

The two expansion projects include a machine shop and a 4,000-square foot Innovation Center with Siemens, which will bring in Siemens global customers. 

The machine shop will encompass 3,250-square feet in year one with 8,000-square feet planned for year two. 

The machine shop will house a fully automated fiber optic laser, CNC press brake, a robotic laser welder, as well as other sophisticated equipment, opening the door for HVAC to vertically integrate and do all sorts of contract metal fabrication including complete UL 508 certified electrical control panels.

Combined, the two expansion projects include a capital investment of about $2.5 million and the addition of up to 21 new full time positions, over the Company’s current base of 35, over a three-year period. 

“HVAC Manufacturing is a testament to the success industrial companies can achieve when operating in a lower cost environment,” said Lisa Denton, Executive Director of Athens Economic Development Corporation. “With higher profitability, they are able to reinvest and grow. AEDC is excited to be a part of that growth.”