Sherri Skeeters


Denton graduates as Economic Development Master Practitioner

ATHENS, TX: Athens Economic Development Corporation’s Executive Director Lisa Denton, recently graduated from the inaugural class of the Advanced Economic Development Leadership Program, as one of the nation’s first Economic Development Master Practitioners.

The newly established program is designed to enhance and expand the skills base of today’s economic development professionals, and it is the only program that is sponsored by four leading universities – The University of Alabama, Clemson, TCU and Southern Mississippi. The level of experts and educators, coupled with core classes that are taught in an immersive, experiential setting, make it the most advanced program of its kind.

The Advanced program explores economic development subjects that impact communities and states across the U.S. Instructors include site consultants, business leaders, nationally known subject experts and university professors. The world-class faculty discusses negotiation, communication, workforce/education, project management, community development, influencing change, international trade/foreign direct investment and other key subjects that impact quality job creation.

“It’s imperative for economic development professionals to sharpen their skills to be successful leaders in their communities,” Denton said. “Our class was empowered with new insights, in addition to gaining a national network of experienced economic development professionals, which is invaluable in this industry.”