Lisa Denton

AEDC president, Jess Laird, and board member, John Trent, along with AEDC Executive Director Lisa Denton present Rod and Betty Ross, MED-LOGICS, Inc., with an incentive check in the amount of $35,000. MED-LOGICS earned the second year operations incentive by maintaining the required employment levels, along with other stipulations set forth in their economic development performance agreement.

“We are glad you are here and very proud of your numerous accomplishments in the industry,” said Laird. “To have a Company the caliber of MED-LOGICS located in Athens gives us another advantage in the medical device manufacturing field.”

MED-LOGICS, Inc. was founded in 1992 with a focus on providing surgeons with the tools they need to optimize their ophthalmic surgical patient outcomes. The company has helped to revolutionize the fields of Lasik, Dsaek and Cataract surgery.

MED-LOGICS, Inc. has been operating in the Athens’ Industrial Park since November, 2013.

Athens EDC is proud to be a part of MED-LOGICS success and looks forward to working with them for many years to come!