"Athens is a business friendly community. Established businesses are just as important for the growth of the community as new ones."

Bill Morgan, Jr., Vice President of Operations, Argon Medical Devices

"We had known for quite some time that in order to truly grow our business, we would have to open a manufacturing facility outside of California. Athens had the availability of a skilled labor pool, reduced energy/operating costs and close proximity to our major suppliers. It has been a real pleasure to deal with Athens Economic Development Corporation. Without their help, we would not have been able to make this move to Texas. They have been professional, flexible and committed."

Stella Karamanos, President & CFO, HVAC Manufacturing, Inc.

“Shipping is very good from Athens, especially with Interstate 20 being so accessible.  We service 53% of the United States from our Athens facility. We moved to Athens several years ago, and it was such a good decision to move here.” 

Steve Ramsey, Manager Logistics Operations, Schneider Electric

“Before we decided to move our business from California, we talked to EDCs all over Texas, I drove thousands of miles. At the end of the day, Athens EDC made us feel like we were coming home. You really can’t explain that kind of thing.” 

Jeff Wilson, President, Extreme Engineering 

Quality of Life Testimonial

"Since the field renovation project began three years ago, participation in baseball in Athens is up 25%. At Opening Day, the public was incredibly complementary of the facility and the new fields. Athens Economic Development Corporation's assistance at Coleman Park has been truly felt in the community through this project."

Christopher D. Tinsley, Board Member and Community Advocate, Athens Teenage Baseball Association